Remedy of parsley and rosemary to lose weight

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9894543-verde-de-perejilA trick to deflate and remove retained liquids

Parsley and rosemary are two plants that can help you lose weight without problems. Of course, they will not do miracles. But they can give you good tools to detoxify yourself, eliminate retained fluids and, in general, deflate a little. You just have to follow the steps of this preparation and get to work with this home remedy to lose weight.


A liter of water
A small piece of parsley
A sprig of fresh rosemary

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Bring the liter of water to the boil with the sprig of parsley and also with the rosemary, both fresh, preferably. Let it boil for five minutes, turn off the heat, cover the pan and then strain the preparation. Store the liquid to consume throughout the day.

Ideally, take this homemade parsley and rosemary remedy throughout the day. Start with a good cup on an empty stomach and then take after meals. Thus, you will enjoy good properties to stimulate diuresis and eliminate retained liquids. On the other hand, it will help you to deflate, as it is a cleansing preparation and is good for fighting gases. You will see that with the course of the days you will feel better and with less belly. As long as you help with your diet and exercise.

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