Satiating juice to eliminate hunger

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10630127-manzana-fresca-y-fr-a-jugo-contra-el-fondo-blancoJuice rich in fiber and proteins to lose weight

When you want to gain and enhance the properties of food to lose weight it is important that you select correctly, considering what you want to get out of them. If you need to reduce your anxiety, and eliminate your hunger, you can prepare a satiating juice rich in fiber and protein, which will not only help you lose your appetite, but also purify your body.

When preparing satiating juice it is important that you choose vegetables, fruits and foods rich in protein. Vegetables remove hunger thanks to the fiber it contains and proteins stimulate the center of satiety.

Therefore, when preparing a juice to eliminate hunger and lose weight, you can choose fruits such as pear and apple, cereals such as oat bran, and a protein rich food such as yogurt.

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Recipe for protein-rich juice and fiber for slimming


1 large pear with its skin.
1 large apple with your skin.
1 large glass of light drinkable yogurt.
1 tablespoon of oat bran.
To elaborate it you only have to cut the fruit in quarters, to remove the seeds and the corporal. Place them in a blender, next to the yogurt and the oat bran. It processes and drinks immediately to prevent the loss of vitamins.

Both the apple and the pear are fruits rich in mucilages, fiber that upon contact with a liquid medium increases in volume, which reduce appetite. As for oat bran, this cereal also acts as a natural satiety thanks to the fiber that it contains. Finally, yogurt provides the properties of proteins to lose weight.

This juice to eliminate hunger, you can drink it at breakfast, as it provides all the nutrients your body needs to start the day with energy; Or if you wish you can consume it in some collation or when you feel hungry.

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