Soda to burn fat causes sensation in Japan

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42009653-putrajaya-malasia--el-5-de-julio-de-2015-coca-cola-light-en-madera-desgastada-bebidas-coca-cola-son-Secrets of the soft drink formula with fat-free effects

If you are one of the many cola drinkers, this news is sure to interest you. One of the leading brands in cola cola, has launched in Japan, a new drink that is not limited to being light. According to claim their producers would be a formula of soda to burn fat. Know the secrets of the fat effects of this refreshing sensation in Japan.

The number 2 in cola brands has launched the Japanese market, a drink that they claim, would have fat effects. Soda sticks for the calories they provide and the addictive ones that result, are one of the great enemies of your diet to lose weight.

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However, the subsidiary in Japan of this renowned company has decided to reverse the bad reputation of cola cola, with an ingenious formula of negative calories. This would be achieved thanks to the inclusion of dextrin, a water-soluble fiber that would reduce the absorption of fat at the intestinal level, while increasing your feeling of satiety.

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