Tea to purify the kidneys and lower the belly

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10009877-teaWith hibiscus, parsley and lemon

By the hand of the days after the end of year celebrations, the depurative action begins and the need to get rid of those extra kilos. If your problem was with fluid retention, try this tea to purify your kidneys and lower your belly.

In these post-celebration days, surely many people are swollen, heavy, with more belly than normal. That is why it is imposed as absolutely necessary a purification of the organism in general, to return to be those that were a few days before. Ways, luckily, exist in abundance.

One of the most common problems when debugging the body is usually fluid retention. It is not at all strange that on these holidays you have fed incorrectly and, most probably, you have exceeded with salt. These are two of the main causes of this inconvenience. Do not hesitate to fight it with this tea or tea, which will help eliminate them and, by the way, to deflate a little the belly.

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A liter of water
Two tablespoons of hibiscus or flower of Jamaica
A branch of parsley
Two bay leaves
The juice of a lemon
Sweetener allowed to taste

Bring the quart of water to a boil and, even if it breaks the boil, add the parsley and the bay leaf. Leave to boil for five minutes and turn off the heat. Add the hibiscus, cover the pan and let stand for at least ten minutes. Strain the preparation and add the juice of a lemon.

So, you will have ready this tea to purify the kidneys and lower the belly. Its action is really intense, as it carries ingredients such as the Jamaican flower, parsley and laurel. All of them have character.

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