Tea to remove fat and lose weight fast

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10009877-teaInfusion of cumin, tamarind and mint reducing abdominal fat

If you want to supplement your diet with an infusion to help you reduce abdominal fat. In this article you will find the recipe for tea cumin, tamarind and mint that helps you eliminate fat and lose weight fast.

Some herbs, such as cumin, tamarind and mint have properties to burn fat and lose weight quickly. If you combine these plants you can get an infusion reduces abdominal fat quickly.

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Tea recipe to eliminate fat and lose weight fast

5 liters of water.
½ cup fresh mint leaves.
400 gr. cumin seeds.
30 gr. fresh tamarind.
8 lemons cut into quarters.
1 tablespoon black pepper.
½ teaspoon unrefined sea salt.

Place mint, cumin seeds, tamarind and lemons in water.
After that, add the sea salt and black pepper.

Put heat and cook about 4 hours.

Filter and serve.
One of the characteristics of this tea is the cooking time, many hours are needed to remove as much of essences and organic compounds are tea plants.

They are known slimming tamarind, lemon, mint and cumin. To combine and add pepper and sea salt, will not only help balance your internal environment, it will be helpful to burn fat and cleanse the body.

This tea is a recipe Ayurvedic medicine, oriental medicine origin which aims to achieve balance in all dimensions of the human being. Often overweight can be a sign that there are other problems of emotional or psychological origin, somehow are influencing weight.

Do not forget to include this infusion within a diet balanced diet, containing foods rich in fiber, fatty acids good quality, and natural antioxidants.

Remember that, in addition to diet, natural remedies, diet and alternative therapies, physical activity is essential to lose weight, reduce stress and combat anxiety.

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