The best combinations of herbs for weight loss

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Bladderwrack, present in almost all slimming preparations

Always good to have new columnists share interesting weight loss information. And today is the turn of Andy Pindur, pharmaceutical profession, an expert on plants and a person who will share a number of great tips. Today tells you how to combine herbs to lose weight.

Already you know Andy Pindur? Well then, Andrea is a pharmacist, an expert on plants and a person who has a unique ability to convey when their advice, as well as being a passionate, full of vitality being and who always has something interesting to say. For this reason, have it regularly as our columnist is going to be a great honor.

Column today, she will tell you how to combine some herbal weight loss, stopping occasionally in some particular. Are you going to lose this column? Be sure to read you the best tricks that Andy has to tell!

2094888-hojas-de-la-rosmarinusHow to lose weight with herbs and health does not stop it
Miracle diets, ear tips, dialogues waiting in store. Everyone tells you what to do, how and when. From time to time, a new trademark invites you lose weight smoothly, quickly and easily, as if the package came one stapler or snaps to get on the lips and brain. However, I must say that there are very good counter products in the form of capsules, tablets, drops or herbal teas to help you stabilize your weight situation.

“Beginning on Monday,” it is often the classic excuse. But the idea here is to generate this valuable effort today. Enjoy you’re in the supermarket and is already thinking about changing the routine of food. Analyzes everyday recipes that take your table and turn them into health. Henceforth you will try to change habits, accompanied by all the experts that you communicate this platform.

And there is a lot of serious information on the web, with the help of health professionals, which are exhibited with personal photo, registration number, place of performance of their duties and consultations your page. That’s why we recommend concentrating on verifying the source from which they derive “new magic bullets”.

Reading this place is simply a guide to push the reader, in this case to improve their quality of life. So losing weight has invited me to communicate with you creating this health advice column and plants. I am very grateful and happy that allow me to share with you this space.

Come to the point …
There are dietary supplements such as tea bags, which have to avoid casting, wash and others. Therefore, impractical to prepare an infusion. The only downside is that it comes all pulverized and usually the waste material remaining after coarse grinding aimed at developing other products, customer choice laboratory for use in medical specialties, or for fractionation into “loose” to herbalists, dietary and pharmacy.

A simple and inexpensive formula consists of a mixture of lemon verbena (Aloysia triphyla), chamomile (Matricaria recutita), rosemary (Rosmarinus offic.), Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus), flavored with grapefruit / Torona and lemon. This is an excellent combination.

You’ll find that almost all formulas to control body weight, you get to drink hot tea or cooled depending on the ambient temperature, have fucus among its ingredients. This brown seaweed is the most important factor to achieve significant effects to regulate the thyroid metabolism, activating it and increasing satiety ingredient.


The addition of algae presents a problem for those who have a thyroid problem and are being medicated levo-thyroxine cone. The administration of dietary supplements and formulas as bladderwrack brown algae or blue algae like spirulina affect the regulation of the dose of the drugs prescribed, so you should consult a doctor. Nevertheless, it is common that it prohibits the medicated patient consume these extracts by interactions and adverse effects that may arise.

All formulations created for an avid news and flavored herbs, enhanced by a manner of speaking market. But for those who have an intolerance to flavoring agents, for example allergies. It is therefore important to know what we are taking, we buy and where we do it. You can buy online, but e risk of not knowing what you’re consuming. If safe or if you bring problems. It is therefore preferable to have the first free advice from the pharmacist who give us good advice for protecting our physical integrity.

Herbs alone, are not magic. Accompanied by a calorie-restricted, small portions, avoid cooking fat, lard or oil, flour and soda or diet soft drinks, and have controlled day and herbs can deal with clean and purify our bodies.

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