The importance of medicinal plants for slimming

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14215764-dos-alcachofas-en-blanco“A good combination of plants reduces the absorption of carbohydrates and fats …”

If you are interested in natural treatment for weight loss, you can not miss this interesting interview with Andrea Berardi Pindur, Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Plant Magister. She will tell you the importance of plants in the process of weight loss, and how they can become a good combination to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and fats, among other properties. Do not miss it!

The use of medicinal plants for the treatment of overweight and other diseases is resisted by many health professionals, therefore it becomes a controversial issue that deserves attention.

Therefore, to know how much truth there is in the use of herbs to lose weight, nothing better than an interview with a specialist in herbal medicine as is Andrea Berardi Pindur.

Medicinal plants: what place they have in traditional medicine?

– To allopathic medicine or traditional medicine, the use of herbs for weight loss is controversial. What do you think about this?

This consulting is very interesting, and yes, controversial. In general, the clinician, cardiologist, otolaryngologist, to name a few, are not familiar with traditional medicine herbal, either by forgetting their initial concepts of the university, for lack of renovation, and / or the undoubted pressure from the laboratories of pharmaceutical specialties.

In Latin America, it has been working for two decades, from universities, companies and in some cases, from the state, giving the importance of this natural source of health, to overcome all possible diseases that affect humans, animals and also diseases that are harmful to other plants.

An everyday question in our pharmacy counter is definitely what you can take to lose weight. Single answer to the patient in a few words, it usually takes me a few minutes to make a simple questioning about their lifestyle and eating habits, family group, type of food, beverages, etc. The rest is by observation of patient: skin condition, location of the bulge, eyes (fluid retention), extremities (ankle hold hands), if we see it “maintained” in appearance, nervous, etc.

We always recommend a medical consultation with a nutritionist for a referral to undertake comprehensive to see his condition is biochemical analysis, particularly thyroid and endocrine studies for others.

Only we recommend to start with some counter dietary supplement, to begin the treatment process, and request an appointment to visit the doctor. Then we can guide pharmaceuticals.

Unfortunately, in everyday clinical professional observed cases of adverse effects, poisoning by misuse of the plants by the population, either through ignorance, high doses or lack of controls in the collection, packaging, storage and / or waiver of copy requested.

thermogenic fat burning plants

-Are Considered thermogenic plants that can enhance fat burning? Could you give us examples?

They used-and quite some time, and there are many examples, such as green tea, coffee, yerba mate, guarana. All of them, caffeine content, have proved useful especially in local treatments, massage creams, gels application, associated or not the use of electrodes, appliances and many other new technologies that offer spas.

It is also important to use infusions to complement a fat-restricted diet and hydrates, and help cleanse the body. Other species are used as post-liposuction treatment to help drain fluids or micro injections, such as artichoke and horsetail (Equisetum). These treatments in particular, should be supervised by a health professional.

A good combination of plants to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and fat, increase energy expenditure and help control the intake satiety generating undoubtedly becomes an ally to be encouraged to take care and make supervised diet.

Another example is the combination of extracts of algae, whether in the South Seas, as Fucus, or the North Sea, such as Spirulina and other algae associated with grape seeds (Vitis), which activate metabolism thyroid, and it helps burn fat. It can not be used in patients who are ingesting thyroid medication such as levo-thyroxine.

Effects of cleansing and diuretic plants

– The cleansing and diuretic plants actually help you lose weight?

– Help much, as being part of our teas as either hot or cold tea, and forming part of combined juices with some fruit (count calories thereof) or matte collaborate giving satiety, calming our stomach , helping to eliminate toxins to increase diuresis, removing and replacing other salts. To cite classic examples: Corn stigma, horsetail, kola, hyssop, fennel, horehound, etc.

– What plants would help reduce the craving for food?

– We have cited the case of algae, add mint, artichoke, strain horse, Garcinia and those listed in the previous query. We must consider the assistance that we provide plants floral systems, Bach, California, Saint Germain, Alaska and other energy systems that work, not just on the emotional level, but also on the physical.

In my humble experience I see good results. This issue could expand on, and is even more controversial.

Herbal tea and their interaction with medication

– There are overweight people who need to take medication. In this case, infusions or tisanes can interact with medications?

It is always advisable to seek the consultation of a professional, especially if you already are taking any medication. At the pharmacy, the patient has the first orientation, easy to understand and obviously free to run a successful, responsible and safe treatment.

– Finally, for those who make a natural therapy to lose weight, what would you suggest herbal tea or infusion?

– There are no magic formulas, and worth talking with the patient to not offer a dream, but a better quality of life. Consider all details what the person has to know where the error into account calorie intake is concerned. Surely exceeds daily and therefore, together with the lack of exercise, you can not lose weight.

The effort to stay fit and optimal health depends on us, on our daily lives.

– Thank you, Andrea. Our readers, where you can find?

– Thanks for letting me participate in this interview. I invite you to visit my blog,, which contains information to learn to reassess the use of medicinal plants.

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