Tissue to cleanse the bowel and deflate the belly

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10245018-flores-de-manzanilla-en-aislamientoPlants to improve digestion and lose weight

Medicinal plants can supplement diets to improve digestion and lose weight. The mixture of certain herbs, in the form of herbal teas, can do this; Cleaning the intestine and deflating the belly. Therefore, if you want to obtain these properties you have only to prepare yourself this tea.

There are medicinal plants that have as property purify the body, which will improve digestion and help you to deflate the belly and lose weight. One way of purifying the organism is by cleansing the intestine, through a tissue that complies with these properties and characteristics.

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Among the plants that improve digestion and lose weight are the flowers of chamomile, leaves of spearmint, leaves of thyme and oregano. If all these plants have depurative properties, that better than to take advantage of them, elaborating a tisana.

Tisane recipe to cleanse the bowel and deflate the belly

To prepare the herbal tea you have to mix one tablespoon of the herbs mentioned above, place them in a liter of water and let them boil and stand for 10 minutes respectively.
After this time, drink and drink between 2 to 3 cups a day.
This tea will allow you to clean the intestine, increasing the intestinal transit and eliminating toxins that prevent you from losing weight properly. On the other hand, this will allow you to deflate your belly, with which you can show a flatter abdomen.

Also, if you take this tea after the main meals you can improve the digestion of meals, more easily eliminating what your body does not need, and better using those nutrients that your body needs to keep it healthy.

Remember that before drinking this or any other herbal tea, it is necessary to consult your doctor.

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