What is a thermogenic

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If you want to lose fat, increase muscle mass and burn calories quickly, you may hear or read a lot about thermogenic products. These can be a supplement that accompany a weight loss plan. Despite their properties, before consuming them it is important that you know what a thermogenic is and how it acts on fat metabolism.

If you are thinking about dieting, losing fat and gaining muscle, one of the most popular food supplements popularly known are thermogenic products.

Therefore, before you use or consume them, you must know what they are and how they act.

What is a thermogenic?

A thermogenic is a product that increases metabolism. There are natural thermogenics or commercial products specially designed to achieve a thinning action. Thermogenics are used when you need to lose a lot of weight, when you want to gain muscle mass and when you have reached a plateau in your diet to lose weight.

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How does a thermogenic work?

A product with these characteristics acts to generate heat at the expense of the combustion of fat deposited in adipose tissue, which is usually located in the abdomen and hips. In order to generate this heat you need energy, and this energy is obtained from the fatty tissue.
Another of the effects that causes a thermogenic is the suppression of appetite.
Natural thermogenics can include them directly into the diet, while supplements based on synthetic thermogenics should be supplied and supervised by a physician. The latter can cause significant side effects, especially if you have a cardiovascular risk factor.

Therefore, if you are looking to accelerate your metabolism consult your doctor. Remember that with diet and exercise you can also burn fat.

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