3 daily menus for fast weight loss

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40854365-ensalada-de-vegetales3 protein diets

When you need and are looking to lose weight fast, many are the diets that you can use, such as protein diets. So, what better than to find in a single note 3 diets with their daily menus that will help you to lose weight effectively.

If you are looking for quick results, protein diets are the ones chosen, in fact these are the diets of the moment.

These have a number of advantages and disadvantages compared to the rest of the diets, but you can do them for a few days, to lose a few kilos of more, a little faster.

3 protein diets

Atkins Diet: This is one of the most famous and known hyperproteic diets. This diet is characterized by being extremely restrictive and as well as has defenders, has also added detractors. The atkins diet has different stages and each of them has a different diet model.
South Beach Diet: Within the protein diet, the south beach diet is one of the pioneers and most popular. This diet has 3 phases and in each phase you will find an example of a menu that will help you select the foods in a way that will help you to lose weight faster.

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Diet Dukan: This diet is the diet of the moment and is also characterized by having several phases, and in each stage the menu will be different. Although only the first stage is exclusively protein, in the rest of the phases you will also have differentiated menus, in which you will alternate days in which you can only eat proteins; And others that you can include other foods.
All these diets may differ, but the essence is the same, they are staggered diets with different phases, in which you can consume foods selected especially for fat burning and fast weight loss.

While the results may be optimal for weight loss, they may not be as good for health. Excessive consumption of protein to the detriment of other nutrients can cause serious health problems, especially if these diets are carried out for a long time. Therefore, if your weight worries consult your doctor, it will guide you in your best treatment against overweight or obesity.

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