5 Natural smoothies for will burn belly fat fast

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Appropriate foods for weight loss and treat IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome and overweight may be two comorbidities. So if you suffer from both and want to refine your waist and slim the abdomen, sure you will be interested to know 5 Natural food preparations containing both appropriate diet to treat irritable colon. Do not miss it!

Correctly selecting and combining foods can do some preparations that will help you lose weight so as to treat other conditions, such as irritable colon.

IBS can cause bloating and constipation, which can complicate weight loss. Therefore, to maintain stable your bowels nothing better to know some natural and home remedies.

8466913-tropical-fruit-de-papaya-aislada-sobre-fondo-blancoPreparation of papaya and garlic. Processed papaya and add a clove of crushed garlic. Drink daily fasting.

Liquefied alfalfa, celery, beetroot, cucumber and carrot. It’s simple: Blend all these vegetables and drink mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

Nonfat yogurt prepared with onions. Add a tablespoon of onion processed nonfat yogurt. Mix and consume. You can do it at breakfast or snack.

Chamomile tea and lemon. Prepare an infusion of chamomile flowers and add the juice of a lemon.

Prepared carrot, cucumber and aloe vera aloe. Blend shell carrot, peeled cucumber and a teaspoon of aloe aloe vera that can be obtained directly from the plant. Bebe both breakfast and mid-morning.

These home remedies are natural and very easy to make and economical because they are products that you can find easily. If you can not access the papaya, you can replace carrot.

All these foods and natural compounds have the property of stimulating the gut, regenerate intestinal flora and help you lose weight.

The cooking is important, since the fiber of these foods are processed, which promotes digestion and metabolism. Thus, irritation of the intestinal mucosa is reduced and favors the treatment of irritable colon.

Moreover, the ingredients used can help you lose weight and reduce the abdomen, and also provide satiety.

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