5 tricks not to add calories in Christmas

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20638002-christmas5 tips to not tempt you at Christmas

Christmas is approaching, and you probably start with your concern that the balance does not rise or become stagnant. So that you do not despair, in this note you will find 5 tricks or tips not to tempt you in these holidays and not to add calories to your diet.

Year after year, the Christmas and New Year commitments are repeated, in which food and drink are the central theme. This situation, while pleasant, can be a concern for those who, like you, are on a diet and want to get thin at parties.

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Therefore, nothing better than to write 5 tips to not tempt you at Christmas and place them in the door of your refrigerator, to remind you that you do not have to add calories at these parties.

5 tricks not to add calories in Christmas

One of the simplest tricks to not adding calories to your Christmas meals or treats is to prepare recipes with a variety of vegetables, and a meat such as turkey breast, chicken or fish. If you are going to cook vegetables, steam it, without using oils and if you cook meats use broth or foil.
On the other hand, you can replace the characteristic sauces that accompany the meals, for less elaborate and light sauces such as vinaigrette, spinach sauce, carrots or broccoli. They are just as tasty as traditional sauces and with half calories. Besides, you will be delighted!
One of the ways to not add calories at Christmas is to eat little but every 3 hours during the day, before Christmas Eve. It may seem contradictory to you, but if you starve yourself and arrive at night without eating, you will eat twice as much as usual and add many more calories to your body.
During the previous days avoid alcoholic beverages, since you are contributing calories. Drink in moderation, preferably wine, on Christmas Eve and Christmas.
If you have entertainments or meetings before Christmas, eat fresh vegetables, meats without fat, avoid sauces and desserts, except they are fruits. This will reduce your calorie intake.
Although Christmas is celebrated on a certain day, celebrations and meetings with friends begin several days before. So keep these tips in mind so you do not add unnecessary calories to your diet, so you can enjoy it without guilt.

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