Alfalfa smoothie slimming

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21909554-jugo-de-vegetales-o-licuado-con-albahaca-atenci-n-selectivaA depurative and detoxifying recipe

Alfalfa is a vegetable that is highly indicated to lose weight, as it will give you much fiber content, resulting satiating and, in addition, very depurative and detoxifying. If, in addition, you combine with vegetables of the size of the lemon, the orange or the apple, therefore much better still. If you cheer up, you just have to put into practice this delicious and healthy smoothie, perfect to start the day with energy and loaded with good properties.

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50 grams of alfalfa sprouts
An Apple
The juice of an orange
The juice of a lemon
Necessary amount of water
Preparation: Wash alfalfa sprouts well and place in a blender jar. There he adds the apple, with its skin, and the juice of the orange and the lemon. Add some water too. Beat until you have a homogeneous preparation, without any lumps. Now you have to proceed to consumption. The ideal is to do it, as usual, in the morning on an empty stomach. Thus you will enjoy this good load of fibers, in addition to the properties that will bring you the fruits. A lot of vitamin, a lot of nutrients … This smoothie is great for weight loss by purifying the body, removing toxins and many other things.

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