Algae shake for weight loss

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9279346-las-algas-pardas-fucusA combination of agar agar and spirulina to lose weight

Both agar agar and spirulina are algae that can take very good way to lose weight. You just have to try as it proposes in this recipe, a tasty smoothie which combined with fruits.

While algae are not exactly mass consumption in much of the world, in some areas, availability, traditions or customs, have much greater significance. And it is precisely there where we see how well they do in taking these “sea plants”, which both have to offer in properties.

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Those who want to lose weight, can use them without any problem. Aparatado options within the algae, there are really many. Here is an option that can take into account those who like algae milkshake diet, consisting of agar agar (composed of algae that works well as a natural gelling) and spirulina (nutritious, good to regulate appetite, digestive) . Then not forget to try this recipe.


Half a cup of grapefruit juice
Half cup of orange juice
A slice of pineapple
One tablespoon of agar agar
Half teaspoon of spirulina
Allowed Sweetener (stevia or any other no-calorie) to taste

Begins squeezing fruit juices to achieve the stated level. Place both juices, very fresh and natural, in the bowl of a mixer. Then, simply add the pineapple cut into cubes and processing the mixture, adding a little water if desired, until all ingredients are fully integrated. Serves, sweeten to taste with stevia (or take it just like that) and, of course, adds both agar agar and spirulina. Drink fasting.

This smoothie is really great for weight loss, because in addition to the effects that integrate fruits, seaweed will give the differential touch. Agar agar is highly satiating, but also purifying, as it has many fibers. Spirulina acts digestively, besides being also satiating and digestive. In this way, you have a smoothie full well that you will wonders for morning.


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    • Spirulina: Is it a algae powder? Can this be consumed for weight reduction by obese. Can you please reply me marry. Also my doctor has suggested not to consume such products. If you are sure of usage, can you suggest how to buy this and usage.

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