Carrot juice diet

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Lose weight drinking carrot juice

You think how to make your low calorie diet more effective? Therefore, they do drink carrot juice diet. Carrot juice will help to enhance the effect of your diet to lose weight, thanks to the excellent properties and benefits of this vegetable for your health.

Do you know why the carrot has become one of the most chosen vegetables when losing kilos? Well, it’s simple! In principle, thanks to its satiating properties. But they do not end there qualities. Besides all its benefits for weight loss, the carrot is a tasty food that can be consumed in different ways, allowing a variety of dishes of all kinds, suitable for your low calorie diet.

So do not hesitate, incorporate it into your diet and lose weight drinking carrot juice. Thus, you get all the benefits, which are not few.

12250515-el-jugo-de-zanahoria-y-rebanadas-de-zanahoria-aislado-en-blancoBenefits carrot diet

Purifying. Thanks to its richness in fiber and water destroys the waste and eliminated from the body.
Detoxifying. Because it contains vitamins and minerals, it promotes metabolic processes and is an excellent detoxifying agent.
Diuretic. It stimulates kidney function, favoring the elimination of liquids and avoiding retention, along with the inevitable collateral disorders that carries the body retain water.
Satiating. It is a powerful satiating that better have in mind, if your goal is to eat less to lose weight, and you leave very satisfech @, without adding many calories to your intake.
Desinflamatorio. Finally, it is also excellent as digetivo. From there you can get great results in combating dyspepsia, flatulence and other symptoms of abdominal inflammation.
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How to prepare carrot juice for weight loss?

Ingredients: (To brew 2 cups of juice)

4 carrots
juice of one lemon
some water

Wash and peel the carrots.
Put them in a food processor, and blend with a little water, until you get the right consistency. You can add more or less water, according to how you like more.
Finally, filter (if you consider it necessary) and add the juice of a lemon. NO additions salt or sugar to this preparation.
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How should you take it?

Prepare 1 cup carrot juice and you’re giving your body only 84 calories per cup. Take two glasses a day, one in the morning before breakfast and one before lunch. That is the day you will be providing 164 calories of pure benefits for your health.

It goes without saying that this carrot juice you can add other vegetables or fruit, if you want to make it more tasty and appetizing. Explore the variants as you feel like, the limit is your imagination. Some delicious suggestions: with celery, with chamomile, with beetroot and orange. There are many more that you can explore.

Do not forget, consume carrot in all its forms, including carrot juice to lose more and better.

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