Cherry shake to lose weight

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34819366-cerezas-negras-dulces-en-antigua-fuente-de-hornoCherry smoothie to lose weight

As usual, weight loss shakes can be a great help in combining diet, exercise and proper nutrition. If you like cherries, this smoothie can become an interesting breakfast. You just have to follow the recipe and try to see what you think.


Half cup of cherries
An Apple
The juice of two oranges
One tablespoon of ground flax seeds
Sweetener allowed to taste

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Place the cherries, without their bones, in a blender jar. Also add the chopped apple, without its seeds. Of course, both fruits should go with your skin. It also incorporates the juice of oranges and the flax seeds (preferably ground). Beat the preparation until all the ingredients are integrated with each other, forming a smooth homogenous shake.

Now you will simply have to consume this cherry batter on an empty stomach, as you will be helping your body with all the nutrients that this preparation has. It is depurative, it will bring you many minerals, antioxidant properties and more. It is a question of you try it and you will see how you end up adopting it for your habitual diet.

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