Churning alkaline diet wheatgrass

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10483613-vidrio-de-wheatgrass-contra-un-fondo-blancoA good recipe to give you energy and lose weight

If you have not tried wheat grass, also known as wheatgrass, what are you waiting for? It is practically pure chlorophyll, full of natural energy, which cleanses your body and alkalized. Of course, it serves to lose weight and you can also try rich shakes as presented in this recipe.

Wheat grass, also known as wheatgrass, has become a great ally for the health of people. It is that, being pure chlorophyll, has a truly remarkable properties, being a great cleansing, detoxifying and many other things. In addition, it also goes great in the diet to lose weight.

If you’ve tried the wheatgrass and you have played well their energy benefits or if you want to know once and for all, this alkalizing smoothie is a good opportunity. Simply follow this recipe, which will be combined with pineapple, papaya and a little lemon juice. A try has been said.


Two slices of pineapple
Half a cup of papaya cubes
Lemon juice one
50 ml of wheatgrass juice (or a handful of)
100 ml of mineral water

Place two slices of pineapple into the glass of a blender, along with papaya, lemon juice and water. Add the wheat grass, whether in juice, or directly from the grass. Preparation processes until the ingredients are joined together.

Now, you have no more to consume this smoothie, which is rich in natural energy, has a lot of fiber, will help cleanse the blood and digestive system, in addition to offering properties of all kinds. It’s perfect for taking it from early in the day, so make the most of the benefits of wheatgrass. Its fruit and fiber content also makes this smoothie a good satiating and also purifying for the body.

Moreover, its power as an alkalizing food is worthy to be taken into account when carrying more inclined towards this natural feeding regime. You can consume without problems every morning, which will fill you with life and help you lose weight.

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