Churning alkalizing protein and fat loss

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14794900-una-deliciosa-crema-de-cacahuate-y-pl-tano-batidoLiquefied almond milk, yogurt and spirulina slimming

Protein and alkalizing foods are ideal for losing fat and lose weight. So if you want to take advantage of their properties you can combine them into a single recipe, such as a milkshake or smoothie almond milk, yogurt and spirulina.

Both almond milk and yogurt proteins have different origins, but they can help you lose fat and burn the fat that accumulates in certain parts of the body.

Moreover, you can add spirulina; an algae that has protein and contain iodine which further increases the burning of fat.

Liquefied almond milk, yogurt and spirulina slimming


1 cup almond milk.
2 or 3 tablespoons of yogurt (depending on the consistency you like best).
1 teaspoon spirulina algae.
Sweetener to taste.
To prepare this shake just add all these ingredients in a blender and process until you get a homogeneous mixture.

If you want you can add some fruit and a cup of pineapple, apple or blueberry. These fruits are considered negative calorie foods, besides being foods containing fiber and can provide more slimming benefits.

To take full protein and alkalizing properties can drink a glass of this smoothie in the morning and one in the afternoon. You can even eat it as a snack to increase metabolism.

Include foods that have alkalizing properties is important because it can change the internal environment and improve digestive and metabolic functions. This can help you reduce your belly and lose weight.

When choosing slimming shakes, you can keep handy options, such as milk shake almonds and red fruit (ideal for weight loss and lower cholesterol) or a smoothie with fiber and protein.

Also, to increase the protein load to a smoothie or shake and get more fat burning properties, you can add a tablespoon of soy protein powder.

You yourself can prepare your own smoothies to lose weight, you just have to know the slimming properties of certain foods; add supplements that add benefits to lose fat and weight.

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