Churning energy of green tea and avocado

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14091278-delicioso-reci-n-hecha-de-espinacas-y-batidos-de-fresa-elaborados-con-leche-fr-a-yogurt-las-espinacaA great smoothie to start the day with many nutrients in the body

Do you feel that you make smoothies for breakfast not give you the energy you need for the rest of the morning? Well then you must know this recipe, which is completely light and has slimming elements among its ingredients. Do not miss this energy smoothie green tea and avocado!

The shakes are great for any slimming diet. Why? Because they meet, they are rich and are perfect to fill the body of nutrients early in the day. But it is also true that many can leave you with a little hungry or something lacking in energy to face the first leg of the journey.

For this reason, you do not have to miss visiting this recipe. It is an interesting combination of green tea and avocado, among other ingredients, which you can find in this article. It’s perfect start to the day, because it will give nutrients of all kinds and also not to be reluctant energies. No let try!


A cup of green tea
half avocado
half apple
One tablespoon of ground flaxseed
Allowed no-calorie sweetener to taste (stevia or other)

Prepare green tea at the time or in advance (not several days, like much of the night before) and place in the bowl of a mixer. Try using a green tea of ​​good quality, preferably strands or sheets, not sachet.
Cut the avocado (not very big) and put half the pulp inside the glass of a crusher, where the average diced apple (no seeds, but with its skin) and flax seeds also add to them. If the latter are ground, so much the better, since it is easily digested.
Whisk until you have a preparation ready for consumption slightly green smoothie, homogeneous and smooth. If you want, you can sweeten with stevia noncaloric sweetener or your physician.
Drink on an empty stomach, because that is the best way to make the nutrients that this shake (and almost all).

What brings you this shake to lose weight?

The properties of green tea: An indispensable ally for anyone who wants to be on a diet. Green tea is not only antioxidant, but also fat burning and many other issues.

Healthy energy Avocado: Though often often point to the avocado as fattening (which, moreover, is true), if it is taking in their right quantities provide energy, healthy fats, flavor and many minerals and vitamins.

Fiber and satiety apple and flaxseed: Both apple and flaxseed will provide satiety and not only that. Also interesting soluble and insoluble fiber that traps fat and helps you to have a good intestinal transit. Do not let go of your diet, beyond this shake.

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