Churning fat burning pineapple and carrot

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25470315-manzana-fresca-y-jugo-de-zanahoria-sobre-fondo-marr-nAlkalizing, tonic and diuretic

Burn fat smoothies are always a great option. If you do not have pruritos when mixing fruits and vegetables in the same glass, this combination of carrot and pineapple you will be really delicious and perfect for cleansing the body, losing weight.

We never tire of recommending shakes to lose weight, because it is one of the most healthy and positive health that anyone can get to consume things. Provided they have a good balance of nutrients and properties, these fruits and vegetables smoothies never be a bad thing. It’s just a matter of combining them in the proper way, so you can have great results.

This fat burning smoothie has negative calories Pineapple, all potential depurativo carrot, plus a touch of orange and chia seeds, with their omega 3 fatty acids and soluble and insoluble fibers. Good for weight loss, but also to keep your body clean full time.


A cup pineapple cubes
A cup shredded carrots
A cup of cold water
Two orange juice
Two tablespoons of chia seeds

Place the precut into cubes into the glass of pineapple mixer. Add the grated carrot. Thus, it will be easier then beat it, but you can also put it into pieces. Stir in water, orange juice and chia seeds. Process the mixture until the ingredients are fully integrated, generating the usual beaten.

Now, it will be the turn of the consume. The best time to do so, as usual, is fasting. But this does not mean that you can drink it during the day. This smoothie has the energy of pineapple, which is also diuretic and cleansing. The carrot is an alkalizing food, besides being a real source of nutrients and vitamins. Chia is great in their contributions, especially if you also have a few extra kilos, you suffer from high cholesterol. For this reason, one could say that this a very good slimming beaten in every respect.

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