Churning thermogenic apple, carrot and pepper

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14091278-delicioso-reci-n-hecha-de-espinacas-y-batidos-de-fresa-elaborados-con-leche-fr-a-yogurt-las-espinacaVegetables, fruits and spices to burn fat

Through the thermogenic properties that have certain natural products can be made preparations and beverages that help you burn fat faster. Within these vegetables and fruits are apple, carrot and a different spice, pepper. For all these benefits, you just need to mix all these ingredients and prepare a smoothie burning fat.

Both apple and carrot are considered negative calorie foods that increase metabolism and burn fat faster.

In addition to these ingredients, this shake contains pepper a spice with thermogenic properties that accelerates fat burning and helps you lose weight effectively.

The combination of different foods is essential for these shakes are effective, but for this you need to know what food use.

Smoothie recipe apple, carrot and pepper

2 apples.
2 carrots.
1 pinch of salt.
Pepper qs.
1 tablespoon powdered sweetener.
1 long glass.
slush ice.
The preparation is very simple, you just need to add all ingredients in a blender and process until the mixture is well homogeneous. Once you’ve accomplished served in the long glass.


1 glass of this shake provides about 70 calories.
These shakes and / or smoothies are very useful because they can help reduce hunger or can replace a meal. The aim of this type of liquefied, is to provide few calories in a larger volume. In this way you manage to increase your satiety.

If you are interested in slimming shakes, you have many examples of them such as milkshakes to deflate the belly, wheatgerm smoothie or milkshake and fruit celery and lemon.

The important thing about the preparation of slimming shakes is that you choose correctly you elaborate ingredients and shakes according to the objective you want to obtain, either purify and detoxify the body, burn calories or get a thermogenic effect.

Remember, the shakes and smoothies are an adjunct to diet, but they are not the most important of it. Do not forget that the best way to lose weight is with a balanced diet in which you include smoothies or shakes either at breakfast, as snack or one of the collations.

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