Dandelion shake to lose weight

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14091278-delicioso-reci-n-hecha-de-espinacas-y-batidos-de-fresa-elaborados-con-leche-fr-a-yogurt-las-espinacaGreen breakfast to purify the body

Dandelion, without a doubt, is a good plant for those who want to lose weight. It provides very interesting properties to purify the liver and kidneys. That is, it acts as a detoxifier on both urination and hepatic metabolism. Obviously, it just will not work miracles, but with this shake you can incorporate allies to help your body feel more predisposed to lose weight. You just have to try the recipe and see how it works.

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A bunch of dandelion leaves
An Apple
Half cucumber
A spoonful of oat bran or wheat
The juice of half a lemon
Necessary amount of water

Place the bunch of dandelion leaves, the apple (as always, with its skin, but without its seeds and other undesirable ones), in the glass of a mixer, the cucumber, the lemon juice and the oat bran. Finally, a little water to lubricate this preparation a bit. Beat until the ingredients are integrated with each other, forming a homogenous smoothie.

Now you will only have to incorporate this shake in the morning, preferably fasting. Thus, you will be purifying your liver, activating diuresis and also gaining a good load of fibers, great for combating constipation and moving the belly. Thus, you will enjoy properties that never come bad to lose weight from the first hour of the day. You just have to try this liquefied green and see how it works.

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