Diet shakes for weight loss

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Two menus with homemade protein shakes

The shakes can be an effective alternative for weight loss. From the consumption of these smoothies you can make a diet to lose weight. These shakes have special nutritional features that allow your body to speed up metabolism and burn fat faster. Therefore, in this article you will find an example of diets for weight loss shakes.

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There are different types of shakes to lose weight, which is both commercially acquired as those produced in homemade form. They enhance the slimming process, and may even replace at least one main meal.

To make this diet you can use protein shakes and smoothies detox. Protein shakes will increase your metabolism and detoxifying smoothies eliminate toxins and impurities that may affect the proper functioning of your body.

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Examples of menus with weight loss shakes

Example 1

14647600-el-jugo-fresco-de-las-manzanas-y-las-zanahorias-en-el-fondo-de-maderaBreakfast: 1 glass of orange smoothie, carrot, melon and cucumber. Two rice cakes.
Mid Morning: 1 cup of green tea.
Lunch: 1 cup apple and passion fruit smoothie for weight loss. 1 serving of broccoli salad, tomato and carrot.
Snack: 1 yogurt.
Average afternoon: 1 serving of low-fat cheese.
Dinner: 1 cup whipping of oat fiber and protein, milk and bananas. 1 serving of grilled fish.
This example of diet shakes can do it from one day to a week, no more than this time, since it is an unbalanced diet.

Example 2

Breakfast: milkshake pineapple and chia, a red tea and a slice of toast.
Lunch: lemon chicken with steamed vegetables. A fruit for dessert.
Snack: a shake of red tea and watermelon and yogurt 0%
Dinner: marinated salmon and a salad. Gelatin dessert.
In this video you can see how to make a smoothie pineapple and chia.

For tired not always eating the same, you can make some changes to these menus.

You can drink tea and tea without sugar as often as you want per day.
You can toggle the chicken breast by other lean meats or vegetable substitutes like soy burgers or lentils, among others.
You can add brown rice in moderate portions in some meals.
Options to toggle shakes, you have piles.


Do not forget to drink two liters of water a day or prolong this diet too, because it is purifying, quickly and fairly low in calories.

Remember that if you need to lose weight is essential that you take physical exercise and changes in your eating habits.

The shakes are ideal for weight loss, as well replace some meals, always adding few calories and incorporating many nutrients. Deshincharte help you because they generally contain diuretics and purifying elements. So you can integrate them into a quick, perfect diet for a week.

The power will be quite low in calories, suppressing the amount of carbohydrates and adding many vegetables. This diet is great for take off a couple of kilos in no time.

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