Eating fast, a fattening habit

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13310518-hamburguesa-hombre-gordo-comiendo-sentado-en-el-sill-nOverweight and bad digestion

In this modern life, everything seems to go faster, time runs, life runs; Even eating fast has become a habit. This habit can be very harmful not only to health, because it causes bad digestion, but because it is a habit that fattens and facilitates being overweight.

Eating has become just a process, the sooner to do better to continue with other obligations.

This means that you eat processed foods that only contribute fats and sugars, and that promote weight gain.

If you also eat fast, this becomes a habit that stimulates gaining pounds and being overweight.

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Consequences for eating fast

When you eat fast, several digestive processes are performed that are not done correctly. When you chew you are doing the first part of the digestion, if you chew badly and quickly, some of these foods pass directly from the stomach, which forces this oregano to work more slowly. When this happens, food spends more time in the stomach, it becomes irritated and it produces heartburn, pain and heaviness. You have the feeling that you ate a lot, when you may have eaten too little.
Once the badly digested food passes into the intestine, it is not properly metabolized, causing constipation, swelling, gas and weight gain. This is further enhanced if the foods you eat are high in fat and sugars, and poor in fiber.
On the other hand, when you eat fast you eat more food than you should, which further enhances everything discussed above.
If eating quickly becomes a habit, there is a good chance that being overweight appears, especially if you add sedation.

Remember that by changing some eating habits you can lose weight in a healthy and fast way. Take your time to eat, not less than 30 minutes. During this half hour you can not do another activity; Ie working, watching TV, walking, etc. Sit down, chew well, enjoy the food.

Ah! And do not forget to choose healthy foods, low in calories, fats and sugars; After all through food you can get all the nutrients your body needs to be healthy and not overweight.

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