Fruit smoothie and slimming oat bran

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11321481-fresco-batido-con-zanahorias-en-una-mesa-de-maderaVery rich in fiber, especially for those with constipatino

Are you a person who needs good daily amounts of fiber to be able to move the belly and fight constipation? Do you think your bad cleansing may be causing you to become swollen and overweight? Well then you can use this fruit smoothie and oat bran. The latter is a huge source of fiber, both soluble and insoluble. It will help you to speed up your transit and also drag fat with you. Do not hesitate to try it, which is also delicious.

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Half cup of strawberries
A pear
An Apple
The juice of an orange
The juice of a grapefruit
The juice of a lemon
Two tablespoons of oat bran

Clean the strawberries well, removing their green peaks. Place them in the glass of a blender, also adding the apple with skin (without seeds), the pear in the same way and also the previously squeezed juices of the orange, grapefruit and lemon. Beat the preparation until the ingredients are fully integrated. Subsequently, add the oat bran and blend perfectly.

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