Green cabbage detox smoothie and fruit

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38917270-smoothie-verdeKale, good ingredient for slimming shakes

Did you ever think that cabbage could become part of a rich green smoothie detox? It will help you detox and also deflate your body to lose weight. Be sure to know the recipe and try it!

If you’re a regular reader of publications to lose weight and health, you’ve probably heard of a fashion vegetables: kale. But what is the kale but kale or cabbage lifetime? For it is not more than that. Only it is now enjoying a kind of second youth, it has become fashionable, he found interesting properties and is used very often in slimming preparations.

One of the best ways we have to take advantage of the properties of kale or cabbage is doing them a delicious smoothie, which shall consist of a number of interesting fruit when it comes to help you be happier and cleanse your body. Do you rent, then, to prepare this delicious green smoothie detox?

Recipe information:

Calories: 215
Servings: 1
Difficulty: Easy
Preparation time: 10 minutes

A cup of chopped kale or collards
An Apple
A pear
Juice of one lemon
One tablespoon grated ginger
A cup of cold water

Thoroughly clean the collard greens and place in the bowl of a mixer. Add the apple and pear (unpeeled, well washed, seeded and bone) and lemon juice. Fill with ginger and water.

Bate preparation until ingredients are fully integrated with each other. Will be inevitably a green smoothie, due to the kale.

Now you will no longer be consumed this green smoothie. Preferably, do it on an empty stomach, so your body gets these nutrients properly.

Pinterestbatido verde¿Qué icon brings you this shake to lose weight?
First, kale or kale is used in weight loss diets and detox regimes. This is mainly because it is very low in calories, high in fiber, with plenty of vitamins, antioxidants and others. It is of the cruciferous family, something always recommended on a diet.

The apple and pear will give satiety, fiber and diuretic capabilities. Lemon and ginger are never more on a diet and it is estimated that more than once can help with your digestive properties.

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