Green slice of celery to lose weight

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38917270-Green-smoothieGood diuretic and rich in omega 3

Celery is one of those elements that always come well to lose weight, since it has great diuretic and also purifying abilities. You can include it in an interesting homemade shake, where it combines with other ingredients that will help you lose weight with its properties. You just have to try this healthy green smoothie.


Four or five celery stalks
A bunch of spinach, arugula or watercress
An Apple
A spoonful of chia seeds
Necessary amount of water

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Place chopped celery stalks into a blender jar. Add the spinach, which you can replace with arugula, watercress or some other green leaf that has good properties to lose weight. It also incorporates the chopped apple and the chia seeds. Start to beat and add water little by little until the smoothie has the desired consistency.

Now you will simply have to drink in the morning, carrying all kinds of nutrients from breakfast. Thus, incorporate soluble and insoluble fiber, diuretic and depurative properties, vitamins and minerals. What else can you ask to feel good? You just have to put it into practice and enjoy it.

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