Green smoothie pineapple and coconut to your diet

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43339552-copa-de-smothie-verde-refrescante-servido-con-manzana-verde-hojas-tiernas-de-espinaca-brotes-de-sojaA mixture of green, healthy fats and fat burning foods

Like consume usually shakes? For then this green pineapple and coconut milkshake you can not miss in your repertoire. Rich in healthy fats, fiber and many elements that will never come to him bad to your system. Do not miss it!

The truth that consume smoothies is a great idea. Provided they have the indicated ingredients, of course. If you have fiber, green vegetables, and other healthy fats, closed equation everywhere.

This green smoothie has leaves, pineapple, vegetables, milk and a bit of coconut, which not only give you great taste, but also healthy fatty acids. Also, it’s very satisfying and you’ll come more than good for any time of day. Do not miss this sweetie!


A cup of green leaves (spinach, arugula, lettuce, etc.)
A cup diced pineapple
A cup of almond milk
Four tablespoons of grated coconut
One tablespoon grated ginger

Thoroughly wash green leaves and place them in the bowl of the mixer. There you will add the diced pineapple, almond milk, grated coconut and ginger.
Preparation processes until fully integrated elements of the recipe, getting a smoothie obviously green. Consumes the time of day that most prefer, although it is perfect for breakfast.
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Consume this great green smoothie will literally bring everything to your diet. For starters, the greens always give you plenty of fiber and various nutrients, such as minerals and vitamins. You can also have healthy fats almond milk and coconut. Pineapple and ginger are burning fat that will give you an excellent aid in your diet.


In short, this smoothie can not miss under any circumstances in your diet. And if you’re a participant in the Paleo diet, as further, because this version is fully usable. And even it you can add an extra dose of coconut milk to give more positive fat, which is widely used in the scheme.

But: do not think that these shakes make miracles. If you do not accompany an appropriate nutritional program and exercise, you will not have much sense.

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