Green wheatgrass smoothie diet

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10483613-wheat grassAn energizing, purifying and vitamin beaten

When you want to prepare a good shake to lose weight, do not leave aside the wheatgrass or wheatgrass. This is great to help you lose weight, but also to fill your body with energy and great benefits. Try this recipe.

Surely you’ve heard of the properties that have wheat grass, also known as wheatgrass. It is a germ that has become very fashionable lately, and with a totally valid justification: has really admirable properties. It is enzymatic, rich in minerals, vitamins, purifying and also good for weight loss because it is alkaline and provides virtually no calories.

One of the ways you can use is when combined with other good ingredients for weight loss. The ideal time to consume this preparation is at breakfast, as the wheatgrass is also energy and you will wonders for that time of the day. Do not let then try this green smoothie, perfect for weight loss.


50 ml of wheatgrass juice or wheatgrass
Half cup orange juice
A small bunch of spinach leaves
Half a cup of strawberries
One tablespoon of oat bran

Extract the juice of wheat grass, or directly place a shot into the cup of a mixer. There adds juice oranges, spinach leaves thoroughly cleaned and half a cup of strawberries, also properly washed without its green reef points. He then begins to beat the preparation until ingredients are blended together completely. Stir in oat bran and mix.

Now, just be time consuming this green wheatgrass smoothie diet. It’s super energetic, perfect for breakfast, with all the properties of wheatgrass and more. Orange and strawberry will give you fiber and vitamin C, oat bran purge your body, spinach will offer the benefits of green leaves. It would not be unusual for the finish incorporating daily in your breakfast. How about?

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