How to prepare eggplant juice?

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5918392-berenjena-sobre-un-fondo-blancoHow long should I take eggplant juice diet?

Eggplant is a vegetable that can help you lose weight, but if you do not consume properly can cause adverse health effects. Therefore, in this article I’ll tell you how to prepare the juice and how long is advisable.

Eating eggplant is of great benefit for those who need to lose weight, because it has different properties.

Benefits eggplant juice

Purifies the body, because it detoxifies the liver, stimulates the intestinal transit and stimulates the renal system, eliminating excess fluids.
It provides satiety, and containing 90% water, plus fiber.
It has a low caloric value, only 25 calories / 100 gr.
It has an antioxidant effect improves fat metabolism, thanks to its vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B complex
In the following video you can find more information on cleansing and slimming eggplant.

How to prepare eggplant juice?

If you are going to add the eggplant juice in raw form, it is advisable that the Peles, as in the shell or skin is where the greatest concentration a substance that can be harmful to the body: solanine. This substance can cause side effects, especially in people who suffer heart.

Par avoid any contraindications or side effects, it is best to cook eggplant (to take advantage of all its virtues, can cook steamed), and after that prepare the juice.

In short, follow these steps:

Peel an eggplant and cook and steam
Divide it into six or seven parts (‘ll use only one hand, you can save the rest for preparing the following days more juice)
Processed or liquefies some of the parts of eggplant with two orange juice.

Drink immediately to take advantage of the properties of the two foods.
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How long you should take juice eggplant?

This juice can take one or two weeks. After that, and if you want to continue with the diet, rest a week and start again. This suggestion is especially to prevent intestinal inflammation, excessive diarrhea, fatigue and physical fatigue.

Likewise, keep in mind that this is only a suggestion, and that the ideal is to consult your doctor.

Variants or alternatives juice eggplant

Radish juice and eggplant. This juice not only has the properties of eggplant, but is enhanced benefits slimming radish, lemon, grape and pineapple. This juice is a laxative that helps you deflate the belly.
Eggplant and orange juice. This sum juice properties eggplant and orange. This drink is the basis for the diet of eggplant.
Shake eggplant, lemon and chia seeds. This drink contains active ingredients that help you debug your body naturally.
Here are some options you can consider when it comes to losing weight naturally, you now need to know how long to take it.

Other ways to lose weight with eggplant

Diet Eggplant
In fact there is an exclusively designed around the consumption of diet eggplant. It is to combine a low calorie diet, like the Mediterranean diet or the diet of 1500 calories, with eggplant juice consumption for a week. It is a detox and cleansing diet, in addition to diet, it will help to treat hypercholesterolemia and cellulite. It may only be made by 7 days.


Water eggplant
This remedy is ideal for losing belly fat. As the diet of eggplant, is a treatment that should last one week, which should drink at least half a liter of this preparation every day.

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