How to prepare snacks yogurt 35 calories

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5254268-yogurtA delicious homemade dessert light and only 35 calories per serving

Low calorie desserts are very complicated to prepare, sometimes. Or it is also true that are so bland that not make you want to be near them. But is not the case of these delicious morsels of yogurt, which have 35 calories each and leave you satisfied when you want something sweet.

While salty food is the forte of many people, it is also much easier to replace than sweet. Prepare a light version of a main course is quite simple and it is only a matter of wit or specified recipe. Instead, with sweets, things change quite often. Some desserts are irreplaceable, but also can be achieved rich cunning ways to end a meal or have something sweet and tasty to peck without putting the system at risk.

Such is the case of these nibbles yogurt, which are prepared more simply and which have about 35 calories each. That is: a taste that can give you up to two to three times a day if you do not surpass without any problems. To have them on your table you just have to follow this recipe and prepare as soon as possible.

Information recipe:

Calories per serving: 35
Number of servings: 10
Difficulty: Easy
Preparation time: 15 minutes + 1 hour cold
Necessary elements:

A cup of Greek yoghurt (may be the flavor you like) 0% or as much as possible reduced fat
half a banana
10.08 clean strawberries, her green cabito
Some small chocolate chips to decorate
Pirotines or small silicone molds

This recipe is so simple that you just have to start distributing the ramekins or pirotines on a solid base and partner, that allows you to take them to the refrigerator later.
Fill half of them with Greek yogurt smoothie something. Reserve a little.
Meanwhile, processes bananas with strawberries until a paste is formed. Fill the other half of the molds.
Finally, he ends each of the nibbles with a touch more Greek yogurt, so it is with a red and white image above.
Above them, just adds some chocolate chip.
Take this preparation to the freezer / freezer, letting it sit for an hour or two.
A good trick to before eating: take them out of the freezer for a while before, so they are losing a little cold and have more flavor.
A great recipe for just 35 calories each morsel. Worth, is not it?
If you want to find more ways to eat sweet, rich and light things, do not stop visiting light desserts section where you’ll find from a foam block, until a pudding for dieting.

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