Liquefied soy milk, strawberries and orange light for diabetics

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40276673-strawberriesTasty and refreshing drink for overweight diabetics

Diabetes and overweight are two diseases that can occur together. If this is happening to you, it is important to know different preparations that can help control both diseases. Therefore, this paper will find a recipe for a refreshing, tasty drink, light, low sugar ideal for diabetics, such as a smoothie soy milk, strawberries and orange.

Both soy milk, like strawberries and orange foods are ideal for the natural treatment of diabetes and overweight.

These foods contain nutrients and other active ingredients that control and maintain stable blood glucose. Therefore, to better mix in a tasty liquid, which is also light, low in calories and fat.

Smoothie recipe soy milk, strawberries and orange light
Nutritional information

He Serves 8
Calories: 60
Carbohydrates: 10 g.
Fat: 9 gr.
Cholesterol 1 mg.

600 gr. clean strawberries, hulled and cut into chunks.
320 cc flavored soy milk according to your tastes.
1 tablespoon unflavored gelatin.
250 cc. of orange juice.
Sweetener to taste.
Mint leaves

The preparation is very simple, you just have to put all the ingredients in the bowl of the processor and blend until all ingredients are integrated.
If you want you can add sweetener and a mint leaf to give a special touch.

This liquid is ideal for breakfast or snack, because it provides protein, carbohydrates, fiber and some fat. Although you can also consume it in tea or a snack or side dish.

If you are diabetic sure you will be interested to know the glycemic index (GI) of these ingredients.

Orange: IC 35
Strawberries: IC 25
Soymilk: IC 30
As you can see the glycemic index of these foods is low, because it helps to keep blood glucose under control, which also helps reduce appetite and lose weight.

If you are interested in other low-fat and sugar preparations do not miss tasty foods, such as chicken recipes, recipes with vegetables or dessert recipes.

Remember that diet and exercise is also essential for the treatment of diabetes.

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