Liquefied tamarind for weight loss and eliminate toxins

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9339060-dulce-tamarindo-sobre-un-fondo-blanco (1)Prepare then consume this delicious tamarind water will make you feel more agile, dynamic and more eager to enjoy everyday life. If you take the tamarind water and combine with an exercise routine soon you see results in your body and gradually lose weight and have better health.

There are a variety of fruits that have properties that make them suitable as a supplement to a diet to lose weight, between these futas tamarind is found in nature. This fruit is very simple to incorporate into daily is recommended by specialists to treat overweight menu, as it has several active ingredients that allow slimming. The tamarind has been used since ancient times as a medicinal food and slimming properties, this fruit can be consumed in the form of water or tea.

Tamarind has protein, vitamin C and B complex, antioxidants, soluble and insoluble fiber, along with fatty acids of polyunsaturated called that allow lose weight in a completely natural. It also contains minerals such as potassium, iron and phosphorus. Tamarind pulp is rich in thiamine, this vitamin is ideal for the proper functioning of nerves, muscles and digestive system. It also contains vitamin C, so it is very effective to prevent and treat scurvy.

Moreover, it is a source of potassium, a mineral necessary for heart health and muscle tissue; and iron, which facilitates the transport of oxygen in the blood for the whole body.

This fruit acts with increases intestinal motility by preventing the body from absorbing excess both fat and sugar, which may contain food and is also excellent for removing toxins and waste from the body, reducing fluid retention.
Tamarind water is excellent to give a feeling of satiety providing very few calories and thanks to its raising fiber content it helps cleanse the body controlling sugar and fat in the blood, producing a significant reduction in adipose tissue mobilizing fatty acids into the cells for energy.


500 g of tamarind.
10 glasses of water.
Sugar to taste.
1pisac salt.
Tamarind water preparation:

Peel the tamarinds and leave you stand for 1 hour in water, stir to break up all the tamarind pulp, add the remaining water.
In this step, add sugar and pinch of salt.
Mix a little more and put the rockrose in the refrigerator, or if you want you can add ice cubes to not refrigerate tamarind water.

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