Maca shake for weight loss

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15088618-polvo-de-maca-o-ginseng-peruano-lat-lepidium-meyenii-en-un-recipiente-de-cristal-con-bebida-de-chocoA good energizer and fat burning liquefied

Have you ever tried Peruvian maca? It is a very energetic root, which is good for metabolism and is also diuretic. For these reasons, it can be included without problems in a shake to lose weight as you will see in the article.

Maca has been slowly becoming one of the most sought after and valued natural allies is, little more, little less, an act of justice. This Andean root has many properties to its credit, resulting in a great ally to improve circulation, an energetic note and much more.

Also within its properties is that of promoting weight loss. It is that on the one hand, has an interesting diuretic action. On the other hand, it helps regulate metabolism, which is essential to burn fat. In turn, it is also an antioxidant. In this way, you can use the Peruvian maca smoothly in all kinds of recipes for weight loss. You can try, for example, this smoothie that you propose in the article.


Half cup pineapple cubes
Half cup of cubed cantaloupe
An Apple
Half cup of water (one if you like more liquid)
A generous tablespoon of maca
One tablespoon of wheat or oat bran

As with any fruit smoothie, clean ingredients well and place pineapple, melon and apple (with skin), all cut into cubes, in the glass of a blender. It also incorporates the water and begins to beat until the ingredients are blended. He adds, once they are integrated elements together, maca and wheat bran or oatmeal, your choice. Mix well and already have the batter ready to eat.

This shake is very good for weight loss because it offers the properties of maca that were already mentioned, is satiating, has lots of fiber and is also diuretic. In addition, all the ingredients are fresh, natural, perfect to fill every drink you give to this preparation. For this reason, be sure to try and see what you end up incorporating into your daily life.

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