Mango and grapefruit shake to lose weight

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47339185-variedad-batidos-zumos-bebidas-bebidas-con-frutas-frescas-y-frutas-sobre-un-fondo-de-madera-blancaRich in fiber and fat burning

The shakes that have the grapefruit inside its ingredients, have high probabilities of giving good results. Obviously, as long as you combine them accordingly. This fruit provides great fat burning properties, as it acts directly on the liver metabolism. In this whipping recipe, in addition, it adds to other elements such as mango, a tropical fruit full of benefits for slimming. So you just have to cheer yourself up and try this recipe.

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A grapefruit
A cup of diced mango
The juice of a lemon
A spoonful of oat bran
Sweetener allowed to taste (stevia, for example)

Squeeze the juice of the grapefruit and place it inside the glass of a blender. It also recovers the pulp, but not the seeds. Also add the squeezed lemon juice and the cup of diced mango. To finish giving it a nice touch of fiber, add the tablespoon of oat bran. Beat the preparation until it is completely integrated, incorporating some cold water if necessary.

Now you will not have to try this delicious mango and grapefruit shake. You can sweeten it with some calorie-free product or drink it as it is, which is delicious. As it was said, the first, tropical, contains lutein (antioxidant), fiber and many more properties to lose weight. The oat bran will give you never enough fiber and, on the other hand, grapefruit is a good fat burning. All in all, you will not only get a good shake to help you lose weight, but it will also be delicious for the palate.

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