Natural protein shake to lose weight fast

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14091278-delicioso-reci-n-hecha-de-espinacas-y-batidos-de-fresa-elaborados-con-leche-fr-a-yogurt-las-espinacaReplacing a light main meal

If you want to give a boost to your diet to lose weight a little faster, you can consider a smoothie natural proteins, such as replacing a light main meal.

Or proteinadas protein diets are diets moment, because they help you lose weight faster. One of the preparations stars of these diets are protein shakes.

While there are commercial products, you can also prepare them yourself at home.

Smoothie recipe natural protein to lose weight fast

A rather unusual to lose weight fast in a week Council, see the video, click here


1 glass of skim milk.
1 yogurt or light strawberry flavor you like.
1 teaspoon light white cheese 0% fat.
4 almonds.

Work it is very simple, just put all the ingredients in a blender and process until blended.
This natural protein shake can replace a main meal. It can be useful if your lunches are usually fast or you can consume it at night to boost your metabolism and lose weight faster.

Moreover, you can also find useful if you feel hungry mid-morning or mid-afternoon, becoming a collation. This way you’ll battle anxiety and hunger without adding to your excess body fat and / or sugar.

If you want to add some fiber to your shake, you can do it and prepare other recipes, with the addition of banana and oatmeal. You can also opt for shakes or detoxifying tonics, and you can also make a special diet of milkshakes.

The shakes are not the panacea of ​​weight loss diets, but are very useful to provide satiety, providing few calories. So if you want you can take advantage of them and incorporate them into your daily diet.

Do not forget physical activity to increase your metabolism and burn more calories.

Remember, the best diet is the one that is specially designed for you. Therefore, seek the help of a professional to lose weight in a controlled, healthy and effective.

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