Nisperos shake for weight loss

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39401287-n-spero-n-spero-fruta-aislada-en-un-fondo-verdeA fruit rich in fiber and diuretic properties

Within traditional fruit in spring, medlar appear. Similar, in a way, peaches and apricots, also have interesting properties for weight loss. You can implement them using this delicious smoothie.

Loquats, no doubt, are an interesting prospect to consider when losing weight. It is a fruit that contains a lot of pectin (food and dietary fiber), which is stimulating renal function and also has vitamins and many other things that can come in handy when it comes to weight loss.

For the same reason, do not lose sight that is a fruit that is in season (spring in the northern hemisphere) and can be used in the diet to lose weight in many different ways. A good idea is to include it in the classic smoothies for breakfast, which will help with its diuretic and cleansing properties. Do not forget to try this recipe if you like this fruit.


One cup of cubed medlar (without bone, skin)
Half cup of pineapple
Half a cup of juice grapefruit
One tablespoon of oat bran
No calorie sweetener allowed to taste like stevia, etc.

Thoroughly clean the medlar, cut into cubes and place them in the glass of a mixer. Add the pineapple without skin and juice grapefruit. Finally, a tablespoon of oat bran (wheat bran can also be used without problems). The preparation process until you is smooth and without lumps. Add a little water if you had stayed too thick and sweeten to taste.

Consume this smoothie always fasting. If you would like to give you good results and adds an outlet at night, consuming this liquid and a soup, a salad or other dish to complement light. You’ll be able to lose weight for the diuretic and cleansing action of persimmons. In addition, pineapple is a fruit with negative calories and not to mention the potential burning fat grapefruit. A good choice in diet shakes.

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