Preparing chard diet shakes

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16600907-chard6 Tips for making the best smoothies with chard

Chard are perfect to help you lose weight. Purgative, diuretic, satiating, low in calories and much more, these green plants are very well prepared in smoothies. Do not forget to consider the options that you will see in this article.

Why chard is an ideal diet food?

Chard, besides being an abundant, inexpensive, easy to get and vegetable that usually occurs well in autumn and winter, can also be a great ally in losing weight. Why? It is satiating, very low calorie, antioxidant, diuretic and also very cleansing. For this reason, there is no reason it aside much less strong season.

While you can eat in many ways and you can take the chard to lose weight in different ways, an interesting way to make the most of its properties is preparing rich shakes. Here you not only find some tips for your full benefit, but also some combinations of ingredients that can be wonders.

Tips for preparing smoothies to lose weight chard

Use raw spinach to your smoothies: Anyway you’re going to take a shake chard, you must consider two issues. One is that the leaves should be very tender. The second is linked to the first, as this will allow you to use the raw chard, which is the best way keeps all its nutrients. So you can from something as simple as vegetable and water in a blender for a basic version.

Try mixing it with linseed: While proposed in the link version is prepared with spinach, you can be replaced with chopped chard tender without any problems. This union of depurativas green leaves with flaxseed, which is a great remedy for constipation, wonders will come to all those who have something intestines lazy and want to have an extra incentive to debug a little their guts.

With orange juice, a large pair: It is very simple and effective this mixture of chard and orange juice. Squeezing a few, like to have a glass of juice. Put it in the blender with a lot of tender and raw chard leaves. Whisk until the mixture becomes homogeneous and drink.

With apples, for a very satiating smoothie: If you want a smoothie that stand out for their satiating properties, do not stop mix some green apples, chard leaves and water to finish. Processed and consumed, both breakfast and at night or when you are hungry and want to remove fast and light manner.
Go ahead with this excellent diuretic green smoothie: A good mix batter to prepare a diuretic, it is to place a cup of melon, a cup of chopped chard leaves and a cup of water or natural juice of fruit. Rich and perfect for deshincharte hand some of this preparation.

What about green tea medium Prepare ?: liter of green tea and let cool. Place a few leaves of chard and tea in a blender, processing the mixture until it is smooth and homogeneous. Drink fasting or also at night before going to sleep. It can be an interesting burn fat naturally.

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