Refreshing yogurt drink diet in summer

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18119175-yogurtA mixture of yogurt, mint and lemon to freshen

It’s hot and you fancy a good drink fresh and light. You can then try a chilled mixture of yogurt, lemon juice, mint and not many other ingredients. Learn how to prepare this recipe, which is perfect for summer.

Yogurt is one of the dairy products that are used in any type of diet. And not bad so. There are many deals on the market. You can use them with delicious fruit flavors are achieved without calorie sweetened products and also with 0 percent fat. Moreover, they are digestive and help the gastric tract function better. In short, not bad you say yes to a yogurt at any time of year.

Fortunately, there are many ways to consume it in a context of diet to lose weight. In fact, this refreshing yogurt drink quietly can help to improve the taste of your breakfast or just to calm the heat of the afternoon. Needless to clarify that it is completely light and that you can enjoy without any fault.


Three cups of yogurt 0% (may be cow’s milk or soy)
Three cups cold water
The juice of a lemon
Two branches of mint or fresh mint
A pinch of salt and a clove of garlic (if you opt for the salty version)
Stevia or no-calorie sweetener and a few drops of vanilla essence (if you opt for the sweet version)

Place in a jar yogurt and water. Add the lemon juice and chopped mint only. Begins to mix all ingredients until blended completely with each other. It is not complicated, but you have to beat a while for yogurt and water amalgamate well. If you have chosen the sweet variant, as a product sweetened with no-calorie and add a few drops of vanilla essence; this is the ideal version for children. If you prefer salty, because a pinch of salt and a clove of garlic grated, which will give its flavor.

Nutritional information:

Three cups of yogurt 0% represent something like 600 grams of it. If for every 100 grams of fat-free yogurt have 50 calories, this preparation will require about 300 calories, seen and considering the remaining ingredients contribute virtually nothing in this section. The good news is that yields a half liter and you can take the whole family without any problems.

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