Shake coconut and chocolate slimming

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33461067-coco-batidoA very positive and satisfying food recipe

Did you know that you can take a coconut and chocolate milkshake without it fattening? Well it is. Just follow this recipe and you can enjoy the properties that have these ingredients in a tasty recipe.

Many times, take something good and has good properties for your body becomes complicated. If you want to consider some good element for your breakfast, because then you should not miss this adelga-energizing smoothie, we might say, it has properties that support both purposes.

It is a smoothie coconut and chocolate. Anyone who listened to these words together with “slimming” insurance would be taking the head. But it is like this. Healthy saturated fat coconut are considered very positive in any diet, same as dark chocolate that will integrate the recipe. Follow and enjoy this delicious smoothie at any time of year.

Smoothie recipe bitter cocoa and coconut


A cup of vegetable milk (soy, almonds, oats, peanuts, etc.)
A spoonful of sour pure unsweetened cocoa
Two tablespoons of grated coconut
A few drops of vanilla extract
Stevia to sweeten (completely optional)

Place the vegetable milk, grated coconut, bitter cocoa and drops of vanilla in the bowl of the mixer. Bate preparation until it becomes frothy well, with integrated ingredients together.

Try it and see as it is taste. If you think something is missing, add some stevia to sweeten, or simply give the extra touch of the ingredient that you think is necessary.

It is a simple shake to perform, which replaces very well chocolate milks you can buy anywhere. It’s rich, it is very easy to prepare, you can have it on hand to make at any time and is really good final result. Dark chocolate is not only not contraindicated, but its antioxidants are very positive for any diet.

Coconut, adds very interesting issues with their fatty acids. For this reason, do not stop to consider this great option. Even you can give your children without problems, because it is very nutritious.

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