Shake cucumber diuretic to lose weight

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11806294-pepino-bebidaCucumber smoothie against fluid retention

The shakes diuretics can be great allies to help with debugging your body and lose weight. If you have problems with fluid retention in the liquefied cucumber, cabbage and parsley you may find a good solution.

How to take the diuretic cucumber smoothie for weight loss?
You just have to try, because the ingredients contained in it are actually the most suitable for this kind of problems because they bring lots of fluids in its composition and benefits consabidos diuretics.

Cucumber to remove fluid retention
Is the retention and toxins allows you to lose weight as you wanted? Well then, what you need it is to increase your urine output and for that shakes diuretics are the most natural way to stimulate your kidney function.

Remember that if you do not remove fluids properly, slowly your body will accumulate toxins, which are very harmful for your health and hinder your weight loss. However, you need not run to the pharmacy to solve your problem of fluid retention.

Many foods at your fingertips are excellent as diuretics, as in the case of the cucumber. It could not be otherwise, since its fruit, which is the part that is consumed in salads- usually contains up to 97% water. Yes, as you read! So much so, in another vein, it is very common that some use to moisturize the skin, applying cucumber slices directly on it.

If you want to really benefit with nothing better to prepare this healthy smoothie, which adds the diuretic effects of parsley diuretic and purifying properties.

Cucumber smoothie recipe

To prepare you need the following ingredients:

A cucumber
Half cup of cabbage or cabbage
Half a cup of parsley
A cup of water
How to prepare this shake diuretic cucumber?

Place the diced cucumber in a blender vessel.
Add the water, cabbage and parsley.
Beat until the ingredients are fully integrated and will remain a homogeneous preparation.

How to take the diuretic cucumber smoothie for weight loss?

Drink this shake throughout the day.
Always begins with a glass fasting for best results.
Do not linger too long consumption.

Try to use it only when you have problems with retention, since it is highly diuretic.

Warning: when in doubt, do not stop to talk to your doctor.

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