Shake fiber and protein for weight loss home

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Earlier we were talking about protein shakes, their properties and that every time they are used as a supplement for weight loss.

Protein intake is vital when you exercise, especially if bodybuilding exercises.
With sports, great stress is exerted fibers that make up our muscles, which causes a breakdown of muscle structures. Later when the body repairs this damage occurs overcompensation, ie repairs what is broken and develops a little more to prepare for future efforts. This gets us to become stronger and our muscles increase of tamaño.Como make a homemade protein shake.

For this process is done properly optimal delivery of protein, essential for building muscle tissue will nutrient necessary.

This does not mean that if we drink gallons of protein shakes going to be faster or stronger our muscles increase in size at high speed.

In fact too high protein intake will only overload your liver and kidneys and muscles can only seize certain amount of protein. The general rule is approximately 0.8 grams of protein per kilo of body weight, although this may increase if sport is practiced.

If you want optimal protein intake according to your exercise program, either to lose weight or to increase muscle mass, a convenient way is to use protein shakes, and you’ll get a great protein content quickly and easily.

But many people do not like industrial products and do not want to spend money on this kind of supplements, so today we bring a homemade recipe protein shakes to what you may do quickly and easily with common foods in your kitchen .

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