Smoothie lose weight oats and carrots

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The Fat Decimator System

11321481-smoothie-carrotsA recipe with lots of fiber diet

The inclusion of fiber in a smoothie for weight loss can be a great idea. Testing this recipe, mixing oats and carrots, among other ingredients, may have a good supplement to your diet.

Weight loss smoothies can always be present in your diet. The issue is to think about what it is you need to lose weight. So, you have to opt for certain ingredients, leave out others and so on. You can choose recipes that are good for their diuretic condition, others are satiating, some point to work on metabolism and are also looking to provide fiber.

Fiber, both soluble or insoluble, is a great ally to drag fat, remove them from the body and cleanse the body through bowel movement. For this reason, this option may be very suitable in this regard. This is a smoothie oats and carrots diet. Come on, follow the steps is very simple to have it on your table.

The Fat Decimator System


A carrot
Two tablespoons of oatmeal
Three orange juice
A cup of water

Place oats in a blender cup, next to the cup of water, juice oranges and carrots. The latter is not necessary that have to grate or cook. Simply cut into not too large pieces will be perfect. Bate preparation until all elements are fully integrated with each other and so you have this smoothie ready to be consumed.

As with all beaten rich in fiber and can be made to work against constipation, it is best to always take it on an empty stomach early in the day. That’s when this kind of nutrients are absorbed better. Both oats and carrots will bring you fiber, which is always very good to clean the intestines and also to drag and eliminate fat. For the same reason, do not stop to consider this shake to lose weight, maybe come great for what you’re looking.

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