Smoothie satiating Apple to lose weight

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21474350-smoothie-aislado-apple-en-blancoApple Smoothie satiating diet

A satiating smoothie is a great way to start the day or to have a frugal meal at any time of day when you want to lose weight.

As the name implies, it has the ability to fill your stomach with something rich with nutrients and palatable. This mixture is very interesting, as it provides fiber, vitamins and more: apple, passion fruit and vegetable milk. You just have to try.

Hunger can become the main enemy of your diet. Hence, all you can do to control it, will be welcome. And among those, more healthy and rewarding effective remedies, certainly, fruit smoothies occupy a place of luxury.

This smoothie recipe also includes other ingredients that enhance their effects to satisfy your appetite. On the one hand, the apple is one of the most satisfying fruit out there, especially if you eat the shell. While soy milk and carob flour provide their own in the same direction. Not forgetting the delicious flavor that will add passion fruit. Hmmm …. to name just it makes me salivate. 😉

Apple smoothie recipe

To prepare this satiating smoothie apple you need the following ingredients:

An Apple
A passion fruit
A glass of soy milk (or other vegetable milk)
Two tablespoons of carob flour
Allowed to taste sweetener, stevia can be.
How to prepare apple smoothie to control hunger and satiate your appetite?

Cut the apple (with skin) into cubes and place in the bowl of a mixer.
Cut the passion fruit in half and removed all the juice and pulp.
Add the passion fruit apple next to glass of the blender or food processor.
Stir in flour carob.
Add the soy milk.
Bate the time required for the ingredients are fully integrated.
Sweeten to taste with your head allowed the product.

How to consume this satiating smoothie apple?

Consume this satiating smoothie as you please.
It is a good choice for breakfast, but you can eat at night.

For example, if you want to eat little, making a frugal dinner, you can make this smoothie of apples along with a light salad. Thus, you’ll have a full, healthy and very few calories, which will satisfy you without engordarte food.
You can also try another good option as it is the satiating smoothie and cereals.

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