To lose a few kilos liquified before summer

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14091278-delicioso-reci-n-hecha-de-espinacas-y-batidos-de-fresa-elaborados-con-leche-fr-a-yogurt-las-espinacaAntioxidant and detoxifying drink tomato, celery and carrot

If you want to lose some extra kilos before the summer begins, nothing better than having some recipes for smoothies close. One of these recipes is an antioxidant and detoxifying drink you can prepare foods such as tomatoes, celery and carrot.

Both tomato and celery and carrots are low calorie foods. However they have other slimming properties such as antioxidant benefits that enhance fat burning.

Moreover, these foods also have detoxifying benefits, helping to eliminate waste and toxins that will help you lose weight. So you can take advantage of these nutritional and dietary virtues, you can combine the tomato, carrot and celery, and develop a smoothie that helps you to lose a few kilos before the summer.

Recipe antioxidant and detoxifying drink tomato, celery and carrot


1 ripe tomato, sliced ​​seedless.
1 carrot washed well with your skin.
1 cup chopped celery.
1 teaspoon ground flaxseed.

Place all vegetables in a blender and process.
After a few minutes of processing, placed flaxseeds and continuous blending until you achieve a homogeneous mixture.
The addition of flaxseed, gives you more depurante benefit.

Such a drink made of carrot, celery and tomato besides being thinner is refreshing, ideal to mitigate the heat. Also, if you want you can add crushed ice.

This liquid can consume a light breakfast, or a low calorie snack. If you wish, you can take their satiating properties and drink it a few minutes before lunch or dinner.

If you want to lose some extra kilos before summer arrives, do not miss this smoothie. You can even incorporate it into a diet to lose weight spring.

Keep in mind that this shake can also help you tan naturally, as both carrot and tomato contain beta carotene that stimulate melanin skin.

Remember, the best way to lose weight is to make a balanced diet that gives you a nutritionist or doctor. Do not forget that physical activity is very important to burn fat faster.

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