Vegetable juice diet

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11236699-Natural-juiceNatural juices for weight loss

The juices can always be an interesting way to help you lose a few kilos. Okay, it will not be the only thing that will return a slim silhouette, but they can be part of the process without any problems. And much more if you follow these tips and you learn to prepare some good vegetable juices.

Vegetables you can never do wrong on a diet. And much less those who are able to give good amounts of juice. If you have a juicer or a good Chinese strainer to filter the shakes that can prepare with them, do not hesitate to put their properties to help you lose weight. You find all kinds of options and color, taste and appearance. For this reason, do not stop follow the proposals of this article.

What are the properties of juices for weight loss?

Antioxidants: All vegetables have vitamins and minerals that act on the cellular function. Some, in addition to these nutritional principles, have other substances such as beta carotene (carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, etc.) are also considered excellent antioxidants, which help remove free radicals from the body.
Depurativas: In addition to vitamins and minerals, have fiber, it can be soluble or insoluble, according to each case. Helping the body to debug it, removing all the toxins that are interfering in the proper metabolic functioning.
Diuretic: There are vegetables such as celery, cucumber, artichoke, which have a diuretic effect, helping the kidney to remove excess liquid.
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7 vegetable juice recipes

Celery juice, black radish and carrot: Place in a juice extractor few stalks of celery, a large carrot and radish peeled. If you want, add a little water and have ready a juice that is perfect to feed your body carotene, vitamins, various nutrients and diuretic properties that have these plants.
Nopal juice: This is so typical of Mexico and elsewhere in Latin plant you can get to come wonders if you want to lose some weight. Simply follow the recipe you have in the link and see how well it is the combination of nopal with pineapple, parsley and other ingredients.
Carrot juice: Carrot alone can be an excellent way to lose weight. You just have to run it through the juice extractor and always take every day at breakfast or at any other time of day. It may be of great help to cleanse your body.
Alfalfa sprouts juice: Another great home to lose weight that you can come wonders remedy. The alfalfa sprouts is great to cleanse your intestines absorb fat, fiber bring you to your body and many other things. Be sure to try it, you’ll see that you can go wonders.
Juice fruits and vegetables 7: Another great idea to clean your body. It has carrots, celery, tomatoes, peaches, blueberries and more. Not only is it great for weight loss, but it is also true taste level and to thoroughly clean your body. Do not let to try it.
Vegetable juice to lose weight with diabetes: Combine carrots, celery, radishes, spinach and lemon. A good combination for those who have diabetes can enjoy a rich juice to help them lose weight with great properties.
Wheatgrass juice or wheatgrass: The grass or wheat grass is one of the new sensations of natural health and can also help you lose weight. Use it alone or mixed with orange juice (complement to perfection) and see what will give good results, not only for weight loss but for the vitality of your body in general.

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