Vegetable juice to lose weight with diabetes

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8904692-un-vaso-de-jugo-de-zanahoria-con-ingredientes-frescosAs vegetable juices can help you lose weight if you’re diabetic

You may already know that, unfortunately, diabetes and obesity often go hand in hand. Obesity can become a cause of this problem and neither will you stay in shape too bad, if you have diabetes, even if you’re not overweight. Therefore, this vegetable juice may be what you need to feel a little better.

If you are diabetic, you should already be accustomed to dieting. However, control of diabetes requires you not only control your calorie intake, but also your glucose levels. Hence vegetables, especially raw and juices, ideal for keeping your blood sugar in check.

If you’re not used to eating this type of juice, the better it is that you incorporate gradually.

Ingredients for vegetable juice

Two or three carrots. Note that if you have diabetes you should consume in moderation and always raw carrots, as they have carbohydrates into glucose. Moreover, the cook, increases their glycemic index.
Two or three horseradish. Radishes, carrots unlike, are low in calories and carbohydrates, and contain starch, so they are suitable for your diet, even if you have diabetes.

Two stalks of celery. Celery meanwhile, thanks to its richness in fiber, minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin K, is ideal for preventing type 2 diabetes.
Fresh spinach leaves. Similarly, its high purifying power and containing unsaturated fats, spinach is a luxury food if you are diabetic.

The juice of a lemon. What about the lemon juice, a natural diuretic and antioxidant par excellence, which will help keep your body cleansed and control blood sugar levels.


If you have a juice extractor, all you have to do is remove the undesirability of vegetables, wash and go passing them through the machine, juice until ready to eat.

You can squeeze lemon to be gaining time and add it at the end.
If you had one of these devices, you can either proceed to prepare a shake in any conventional mixer or blender, adding a little water.

How to take this juice to lower blood sugar and weight?

This is perfect for drinking juice at breakfast, as well, take advantage of the best nutrients that have these vegetables.

You will see that is very effective for diabetes and weight loss as it is very low in carbohydrates and rich in nutrients and properties of all kinds. You just have to try.

Other juices and juice for diabetes

Watermelon and cantaloupe smoothie

Both fruits have a suitable level of sugar for diabetes, which also offset their high diuretic power and its high fiber content. Read the full recipe here: watermelon and cantaloupe smoothie diet with diabetes.

Juice eggplant, celery and grapefruit

In addition to purify the liver, improve bowel movements and accelerate fat metabolism, this juice is great for reducing triglycerides and blood cholesterol level. Read the full recipe here: Juice eggplant, celery and grapefruit to purify the body.

Alkaline juice, vegetable water and Spirulina

Not only will help you detoxify your body, but also add all cholesterol-lowering benefits of spirulina and vegetables such as cucumber and spinach. Read the full recipe here: alkaline juice to lose weight.

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