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4410732-grupo-de-personas-que-hacen-ejercicio-de-estiramientoBig tricks to drain fat massage

Susana Dakidissa always has the best advice for flawless shine. She not only dedicated to fitness, but also knows all sorts of secrets that your figure is unbeatable. Now, will teach his tricks related to reducing massage. Do not miss it!

Using reducing massage to model the figure

Although we are thin or overweight and we follow a diet to lose weight, many times we do not eliminate fat that have accumulated in parts of the body.

A good solution to get away with this fat we have localized in specific sites, reducing massage is us in that area, this helps reduce the accumulated fat and water, and improve circulation. Along with the massage it is advisable to drink plenty of water more easily eliminate waste substances that our body will begin to expel.

For best results and intensify its effects, it is essential that massages are accompanied by a healthy diet and exercise. It is that measures reducing massage decrease, but not lose weight.

These massages on ourselves we can do with our hands at home without the aid of any device, but obviously if we have any of this even better style because they are very effective at removing fat. But with our hands we can also a good massage; the massage can do anywhere we on fat, such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, hips and arms.

The most common is the abdominal massage. In that area, massage not only helps to remove fat but relieves constipation and improve digestion; but wherever we do massage achieve very good results. To get results we should do every day and spend about 20-30 minutes a massage.

Some tips to make reducing massage

The area should be wetted to do the massage. It is very important not to make them dry, so we can do with a reducing cream with a normal cream, or even better with an oil because it takes longer to be absorbed than creams. And as I said before, the skin should be moist at all times while doing the massage.

Besides massage applies a reducing cream in that area twice daily in order to achieve faster results. The reducing creams are especially effective if you put just before a workout. I recommend creams pharmacy, which are more active and care creams supermarket ingredients.

The movements for massage usually: friction movements, smooth and quick to activate circulation pinching, pinching twisting the drop zone fat where it is anchored, circular massage with knuckles pressing enough to drain well fat, kneading movements (as if we were kneading bread), taking the fat massage with fingers and try to move it and move it from site, and draining massage with the palm of the hand to drain all that fat and water to be removed.


With ayurvedic massage can reduce size and centimeters before long, are very effective and the results are really notice .. Clearly the speed to notice the results obviously depends on the individual, the massage time we do, the amount we have accumulated fat and our lifestyle as healthy diet and exercise are also essential to eliminate this fat.

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