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45310029-altos-hombre-de-negocios-habla-por-tel-fono-m-vil-en-interior-moderno-oficina-brillanteInterview with Carlos Serrano: Hypnosis can cause changes in the behavior of obese people

Hypnosis is an alternative therapy that can be of use to lose weight, but better than an expert like Dr. Carlos Serrano, to give you complete information about hypnosis and how it can influence the behavior of obese people. Do not miss this interesting interview!

Carlos Serrano is an expert not only in hypnosis and its application to health, but also in Neuro Linguistic Programming. Both alternative therapies can help you lose weight and change their way of relating to food, in pursuit of a better quality of life.

It is therefore very interesting to know in depth all about hypnosis and its relationship to overweight. Come for the interview!

Hypnosis and NLP method to lose weight

How he dabbled in hypnosis and its applications on health?

I’m counting on International Certification as a Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming, awarded by The Society of NLP ™ and endorsed by the DR. Richard Bandler, creator of NLP. I trained with the greatest exponents of NLP in the world, including Paul Mckenna, Owen Fitzpatrick, Erick Robbie, Tad James, among others.

I designed the model NEURO TECHNOLOGY WEIGHT LOSS ™ which is a set of techniques to reproduce Mental changes regarding mental and behavioral structure in Obese person, helping to change their perceptions about food and its relation to this.

According to your experience, what do you think is behind obesity think?

Behind obesity, beyond a few healthy habits and “originators” behaviors fat as physical inactivity and poor nutritional intelligence it is what we call “secondary gain” or “positive Intentions”, ie gains or benefits unconscious who they hide behind the symptom.

For example, and just as an example, not wanting to generalize. A person who suffered abuse in childhood had to develop a strong body to be respected and keep his victimizer, or become a unattractive to not be attractive to the aggressor person. His mind learned that she would get fat, causing the danger away and therefore “widespread” this learning.

At present, before the dangers that presents itself, its unconscious processes protect it with obesity because it knows no other way to alienate their abusers (people, situations, fears, thoughts of stress, environment, etc. …)

Why do you think that hypnosis is successful in weight loss?

Because applies a set of techniques and inductions to modify how the person perceives its environment. It is not really what is hurting that person, is how is playing. Hypnosis is an excellent tool for “access” to their unconscious processes. Only you are accessing your unconscious you can re-design their subjective structure.

The vast majority of obese eat by “Emotional Voids”, not physical hunger and diets do not help solve those empty soul.

Not only do I work with hypnosis, also with Neuro Programming technologies to modify the neural grooves as Neuro Linguistic Programming, Design Human Engineering, Time Line Tecnics, Emotional Freedom Tecnics are.

Do you work alone or in conjunction with other health personnel?

I work together with other specialists. The human being is a “whole” composed of “parts”. My job is to “support” for a comprehensive work. Nutritionist helped calm the patient anxiety and collapse their compulsions. I help the physical Activator for his client generates powerful states of self-motivation and passionate exercise, among many other resources.

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Cases in which hypnosis can be effective for weight loss

‘What cases used hypnosis to lose weight?

People who have started diets and never finished.
People who have clear goals in their weight.
People who eat when not hungry.
People who feel out of control in relation to food.
People who eat to reduce anxiety or eliminate their sentences.
People who want more motivation for exercise.
People who do not yet have a clear picture of how to be healthier and with a proper weight. This in order to give direction to their internal resources.
‘What cases does not serve hypnosis to lose weight?

We must bear in mind that there is no technical or process in the world to lose weight if there is a conscious commitment.
The techniques do not work, it is the human being who works or not. People want quick methods without compromise.

Hypnosis does not work for people who are waiting for others to do what he or she needs to do, to take control of their lives, although there are exceptions.

Hypnosis to calm anxiety and appetite

How hypnosis works on anxiety?

For example, in hypnosis it occurs a phenomenon of “Distortion Temporal” and this phenomenon is used to anchor and suggest when the person is eating, so you eat more slowly, you’ll enjoy more than eating process automatically.

Sometimes anxiety is a natural response of the body to situations perceived as dangerous. With specific techniques such interpretations are modified.

How hypnosis acts on appetite?

He works to reduce cravings. These are learned behaviors or reactions. There are plenty of techniques to collapse unhealthy cravings.

Techniques, exercises and inductions to use it possible to avoid some foods, like sweets and fats, without suffering hunger and anxiety. A re-education of the subconscious mind can incorporate some new eating habits, always under maximum: “Take care of your body. You’re going to live in it many years”

What percentage of success would say is hypnosis?

‘The success rate is 70 to 80%. It is also fair to say that success will always depend and when these criteria are met:

Will of the person to enter trance states.
Perform the tasks assigned to it.
100% provision for change.
Respect and follow the 6 Rules of Oros extended to them (Topic we can talk another time).
-¿La Hypnosis for weight loss can cause rebound effect?

-The Hypnosis never causes rebound effects. It is 100% natural. Only result in better quality of life and a deep knowledge of themselves.

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