Diets for weight loss and anemia

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45934663-watherAnemia as a result of losing weight

Between healthy and unhealthy there may be a thin line, and a clear example of this are diets for weight loss. These can help you prevent severe complications or can be the cause of diseases that can harm your health, such as anemia. Anemia can go unnoticed and be confused with tiredness of overwork, but in reality it is a disease that must be taken into account, and can be a consequence of losing weight.

Anemia is a disease characterized by low red blood cells or erythrocytes, this can be caused by different causes, one of them is an inadequate and restricted diet for weight loss.

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Red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen and glucose to all cells of the body. If the amount of erythrocytes is low, the amount of oxygen and glucose will also be low. For this reason, symptoms of fatigue, fatigue and apathy appear, characteristic of anemia.

If you need to lose weight and eat a diet unbalanced for a long time, can produce a deficit of different nutrients like iron and vitamin B12; Active ingredients that help form red blood cells. That is, yes, restricted diets can cause you anemia, without realizing it.

Through food your body gets most of the nutrients, so if you eat properly your body is recent and you can suffer anemia.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight do it !, but in a balanced, healthy and controlled way; Especially if you are a woman, as they are more prone to anemia.

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